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Telehealth Session

What is telehealth?

I began researching telehealth – assessment and intervention delivered remotely via video call – at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown so I could provide continued care for my clients. I am also now using it with new customers who contacted me during lockdown wanting assessment and therapy for their child.

Not only is teletherapy an option, it is evidenced as an effective means of providing SLT support for some client groups. Studies have shown it to be effective for working with children and providing parent coaching to support children with SLCN including children with complex needs.

Parents that I am working with currently have more time at home with their children and have actually seen their child's progress accelerate during lockdown.

For initial assessments I offer two separate video calls with the family. In the first I take a full case history and we discuss the parents' concerns about their child's speech and language development. In the second call I meet the child and carry out informal play-based assessment.

Children as young as 2 years old have responded well to meeting me on screen and children as young as 4 years old are having their regular therapy session in this way. Parents can also send video clips of their child which I use during the assessment and therapy process to gather more observations of the child's skills and needs.

"Using telehealth for speech therapy has been really valuable for my family. Meeting with Gillian has helped us to adjust our behaviour to allow our son to communicate with us more. Using telehealth allows us to video our interactions with our son when it is convenient to us, Gillian is then able to suggest the best way forward to improve his communication in a range of ways. My husband and I are really pleased with the improvements our son has made since starting with Gillian and telehealth. It's great that he can now share the world with us so much more." - Parent using telehealth

I continue to support my clients with regular emails with useful links, resources and therapy materials and we communicate through text, phone and WhatsApp™ as well, just like we did before lockdown, so communication is quick and easy.

What do I need if I want to try telehealth?

All you need is:

Additional support and guidance can be provided to ensure things run as smoothly as possible, so you get the best possible video call experience.

I made this short video to share my experience of using video calls as an additional way of working with clients during Covid-19 lockdown.

What should I do next?

For now, I send you my best wishes at this challenging time and look forward to hearing from you. Contact me and find out how I can help.

Parent Feedback

"Our regular telehealth sessions via Zoom with Gillian have been invaluable. We are seeing quicker results than we thought possible even with direct therapy! Our son's progress now means we can look forward to him starting mainstream school with confidence that he will be able to flourish." - Parents of a 4 year old who has Language Disorder associated with autism

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