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Price guide

In deciding whether to arrange independent Speech and Language Therapy for your child the following guide to costs may be helpful. If it does not answer all of your questions please feel welcome to contact me for further information. I can provide a copy of my detailed price list with no obligation. All clients receive professional invoices so that they can monitor the cost of their child’s treatment.

In line with guidelines for the profession, Independent Speech and Language Therapists must charge at rates that reflect not only the value of the time devoted to face-to-face assessment and treatment, but also the significant time which is spent on planning therapy, making resources, additional preparation, written records of treatment sessions, reports, and liaison with other professionals between appointments.

Time and costs incurred in travelling to and from appointments are also reflected in the price charged for sessions. I do not charge for the first 20 minutes of travel from my base, but journeys to appointments which take longer than 20 minutes will incur additional cost to the client. I aim to ensure my prices are fair and value for money and have therefore set them in accordance with these guidelines and ensured they are competitive locally.

Initial assessment

This is a home visit (typically 1½ - 2 hours), to include discussion with parent/carer, observation and assessment of the child's communication skills through play, standardised or informal assessments as appropriate, and advice.

A full written report with recommendations is typically included in the cost of the assessment - £160. A £50 deposit is required when booking your first appointment and full payment for the assessment is required on completion of the assessment.

Further appointments

Home visits for therapy, visits to school/nursery, attendance at meetings – are typically charged at £60/hour and invoiced, and payable, at the end of the month or end of the treatment block. It is not always easy to predict treatment length for an individual client from the first assessment. I will always discuss options with you, confirm appointments in writing and provide invoices so that you can monitor how much you have spent on treatment for your child.

In cases where a child has a significant communication difficulty where the need for SLT support is long-term we will agree blocks of therapy (typically 4-6 sessions) in advance and then review progress. If your child receives blocks of therapy from an NHS therapist we can liaise with them and fit independent support around this so that your child can benefit from both.

Private health insurance

Clients using private health insurance are responsible for settling their invoice directly with me and then claiming from the company concerned. It is therefore advisable to check the level of your cover before agreeing to therapy.

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