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Accessing Support

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How to access Speech & Language Therapy support


You can refer your child to the local NHS SLT team. You do not need to ask your Health Visitor or GP to refer for you. If you are concerned about your child’s general development you could contact your Health Visitor and ask for a visit to discuss your concerns.

Independent (private) Speech & Language Therapist

Some parents choose to go to an Independent SLT instead of accessing the NHS service. Sometimes parents feel that their child would benefit from more regular or intensive therapy than the NHS therapist can provide and so ask an independent SLT to provide additional input. Please contact me if you think I may be able to help.

If your child is receiving support from other professionals, including an NHS SLT, I will liaise with them. If your child would benefit from assessment or support from another professional, I will discuss this with you. See my approach to working with you and your child for more information.

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